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Cylinder Head for 4.0 Jeep XJ SUVs

Most cylinder heads used in XJ Jeep SUVs were manufactured between 1984 and 2001. While millions of vehicles were sold, there are issues that can be common from model to model. The Chrysler and AMC Jeep editions used many of the same components. A person can still find a used cylinder head for 4.0 Jeep XJ vehicles while shopping this website.

The Cherokee is the most common brand in the SUV lineup. Because of the dual motor types available, there are different model numbers of the head assembly. The factory heads that are installed as OEM can have different part numbers compared with what is sold in aftermarket condition. The models featured on this website are preowned units taken straight out of I6 and newer 6-cylinder 4.0-liter vehicles.

Jeep XJ Cylinder Head Replacements

When a head is bad, it does not mean that the motor block is bad. An oil mixture could get into the air flow system and produce colored smoke due to a crack or valve problem. It is possible to hone the head to find minor issues although most people do prefer to replace the entire assembly. It can be common to go straight to a Jeep mechanic when a repair like this must be made.

The 4.0 Jeep cylinder head interchange must be completed according to the Chrysler specs. An untrained person can cause damage to the induction system if the head is not removed or sealed properly when replaced. The Cherokee and other X-series sport utility vehicles are supported here at CPL for all parts needs. Some of the leading junk yards across the United States are the very companies that provided what is for sale online.

Costs to Replace an I6 Cylinder Head

Some people who search the Internet to find a good repair shop are often shocked at how much it can cost to buy used, rebuilt or even new parts. Since every dealer is different, there is no national average of pricing available. In some cases, a preowned component can cost as little as $200 depending on which cylinder needs replaced. There are shops that only use rebuilt components and do not guarantee these after installation.

One alternative that some people turn to is to swap out a block that has bad cylinders for a replacement motor. Finding a build that is of equal of similar mileage value can be a difficult task. While the MSRP of used motors can be widely different, CPL is one of the few companies that still have a supply of AMC and later Chrysler produced builds for sale. These are some of the options that a person has who will fix a defective Jeep SUV.

Used Cylinder Head Price Finder

Using the system on this website, a person can literally find a discounted price in a matter of seconds. There is no waiting. Hundreds of good salvage yards are competing for a new customer base. Inventory supplied here does feature a warranty and products are shipping amazingly fast.

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