Used Dodge Durango Radiator

The Durango is a reliable Dodge SUV with a strong radiator. Since FCA-Chrysler builds big engines, the heat that comes off the block can cause damage to coolant components. People who drive in hot climates or even cold climates can place excess wear on factory parts. We specialize in providing a used Dodge Durango radiator for low price on this website.

Signs of Cooling System Failure

The job of the radiator is not just to cool down hot fluids. It works in conjunction with fans, AC, belts and other components that are in Dodge vehicles. When there is a leak somewhere, the temperature gauge should alert a driver that there is an issue. If the wires for the thermostat are burned, there is little way to know that overheating is taking place.

To tell if your Durango radiator is going bad, consider the following signs:

– Noisy Water Pump
– Leaking Hoses
– Fluid Odor in Cab
– Low Oil Pressure
– Spotty Leaks

This represents the most common ways that a motorist can validate if a radiator is bad or not. Most mechanics know the signs of trouble. Not every SUV owner listens to the warning signs and ends up paying a high price in the end. The used Dodge radiators for sale that we retail here are pullouts from working vehicles.

Direct Fit OEM Radiators

There are ways to save money buying auto parts. Some people take these to the extreme. Saving $10 buying an aftermarket radiator made out of plastic parts is not a good decision. Only so many of the units built will fit the various Durango trim styles. The units that we have in stock are a direct fit replacement for the following types:

– Express
– Plus
– Limited
– R/T

The big engines that are used in Chrysler vehicles can lead to overheating. The 3.6, 3.7, 4.7, and 5.7 motors are known to work hard. It takes a strong cooling system to combat the heat that comes off of these blocks. Going with known components is the safe bet.

Buy a Durango Radiator Replacement

Take a look around on this website. All we retail is factory parts. While these are removed out of a junk yard, our process of elimination is second to none. We check for leaks in the seals. We make a visual inspection of the epoxy. Our team verifies that none of the fins on the metal shield are bent. A price is easy to review using our auto parts locator service.

We check our inventory and inventory from our suppliers. We immediately find you the lowest price plus the cost of shipping in the USA. You can even call us over the phone. We guarantee that people save money using our company. Get started right now.

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