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Hoods for BMW 325i Cars Used Condition

The BMW brand 325i cars use our used hoods. These are factory built models. No aftermarket parts are in stock. Only what comes from a top junk yard is what we are offering. Most of the inventory is clean and has its paint intact. If there are blemishes, we describe these to consumers before an order is placed. Buy hoods for BMW 325i cars here online.

How to Spot a Fake Hood

Machinery and technology have been increased in this decade. It is simpler than ever to reproduce a variety of automotive parts. Aftermarket companies in Japan, China and Korea are making the major of components that American people buy on the Internet. The problem with these units is that they are not licensed by BMW or affiliates.

You can easily spot a hood that is not OEM by reading the fine print. In most cases, words that retailers use will give it away that products are not genuine. If you are replacing a BMW hood, be aware of phrasing like the following:

1. Carbon Fiber
2. Primed
3. Direct Fit

Instead of the factory metal, a carbon fiber is a polymer that is built cheaply. These are often the cheapest of the bunch. One this is primed means that it is ready for painting. It is likely that these units are a plastic or carbon material. One that is a direct fit is an aftermarket brand.

No fake hood will ever come with the BMW emblem on it. We do sell preowned hoods with and without the emblem. These are removed by our junk yard partners when vehicles are parted out.

Warranty for Replacement Hoods

We warranty the hood, latches, release cable, hinges and other parts that are purchased on our website. Since these are original products, we know that they are in top shape. We do note if things are wrong with the parts when people order them. Our warranty kicks in for a respected term. This will easily cover the installation and evaluation period.

Buy Used BMW 325i Hoods

Sale prices are found here. The procedure to look up anything that we sell is simple. Go into our parts location computer and find what you need. It is free to use and you are not required to log in. A quote number will be assigned to your price. You can use this if you go to order. This keeps track of the special discounts that we do provide to consumers. If you are overpaying for used parts, try us out.

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