Nissan Titan Exhaust Manifold for Sale

The Titan pickup truck by Nissan can accept our used manifold. We pull these right out of vehicles in our lot. We buy a lot of junk yard parts and dismantler products. Everything is strictly OEM unless terms are different. We support DIY auto owners, mechanics and a range of service centers across the United States. Browse our inventory of Nissan Titan exhaust manifold for sale parts now.

Nissan Aftermarket or OEM

There are vast differences in types of parts that people find on the Internet. In a factory setting, machined components have the right size and depth. Something built by a third party might be close, but there are never installation guarantees. Nissan builds aluminum manifolds and gaskets. Most aftermarket ones are coated ceramic or another material.

There are kits that can be purchased, but prices are often way too high. These can include the headers and/or a catalytic converter. It is good practice to replace any component when a problem is first validated. By installing only originals, the risk of failure is way lower.

Emissions Warranty for Nissan Trucks

In reality, truck owners should always be covered under federal emissions warranty programs. These were designed to make it possible to get repairs covered under normal circumstances. The truth is that most Titan trucks have high mileage on them. Owners are almost always out of warranty protection after the six or eight year nationwide program.

Regardless of the manifold or related parts we sell, we do provide warranties. The precise term is calculated individually for all components. This gives us the right level of protection for parts that might be older or have some wear and tear. Properly installing all parts does not void our consumer warranties.

Spare Exhaust Parts for Sale

In a lot of cases, buying just the manifold is just the beginning. Someone will need some bolts, a riser and most likely a header change. All of these parts are in our spare parts catalog on this website. Since we specialize in import Nissan parts, it will be much easier to buy everything needed at the same time.

Prices for Replacement Nissan Manifolds

We have a full spectrum of discount prices here. Our in-house parts locator tool is featured on all pages we publish online. In an instant, anyone who knows a the production year a truck was built can find out costs directly. No hassles are experienced. A quote is officially produced and then someone can begin to order. Calling our team is an optional way to get the same result. Never overpay for a used Nissan Titan exhaust job.

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