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Oldsmobile 455 Crate Engine

Oldsmobile has a long tradition with muscle cars. Probably the best engine that this automaker ever produced was the huge V8 motor. The 455 was known as the Rocket. This powerful engine delivered well above 450 horsepower. No automaker today can touch the reputation of this engine. We are proud to offer such a low price for this Oldsmobile 455 crate engine inside our engine shop. Nothing we do is second best. We have been selling this engine for decades and it still keeps getting better. Buying quality Oldsmobile crate engines for sale is not hard to do here. Customers come to us because they get what they need and don’t pay ridiculous prices.

The 455 is much better than the 350. The small-block design has nothing on the larger horsepower General Motors performance engines. If you are not familiar with our company, we will introduce you to our entire process of selling engines. It’s important to understand how we do what we do. You can’t be here in person to test an engine. We have to do it for you. All of what we tell you comes from our actual tests. Nothing that leaves us goes untested and unapproved by our crate engine mechanics. Being the best takes a lot of hard work but we manage.

Oldsmobile 455 Crate Engine

Since we sell so many of the 455, we are one of the most well known and respected crate engine suppliers online. Most people putting a new motor into a Buick, Oldsmobile, project car or other vehicle knows of our quality. Those that don’t surely do not have to take our word. One thing that proves how great the engines are is our accurate photographs. We work hard to create a welcoming online experience. Shopping for a crate engine is hard enough without incorrect photographs. It would be too easy to list OEM specs for the 455. You probably know that they are already. What is easier is describing our genuine engine instead. Nothing on these engines is aftermarket or foreign. You can take home a 455 for less than you realize here.

What about shipping? We sometimes get phone calls and emails asking how much is it to ship an Oldsmobile 455 engine. We are able to offer free shipping sometimes during select times of the year. If we are not shipping free, we make you a deal on the freight price. The custom job that we do will not be ruined because of a high cost of shipping. You just select the 455 and we’ll work out the shipping charge. We are good to our customers and want you to get the approximate engine you request. Everything is checked for its accuracy before it leaves our warehouse.

Oldsmobile 455 Crate Engine Pricing

Price quotes are how we distribute the costs of each of our engines. It is much easier to control fluctuations in prices this way and faster for you to get. Use the 455 engine quote form you see right here. It’s fast just like the crate engine you are interested in buying.We’ll answer any Oldsmobile question. Find out why we’re different in price and in quality.

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