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Ford Ranger Radiator Core Support

Ranger trucks by Ford used common core radiator support modules between 1983 and 2012. This parts consistency has helped auto owners to replace components successfully in the U.S. One issue with locating compact truck parts for sale online is the emergence of aftermarket products. Unless someone does not need to buy an OEM Ford Ranger radiator core support, paying less for an aftermarket module should be the last choice.

Engines Supported for Radiator Replacements

The Ranger has showcased more than one 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder motor block throughout its production. Ford has taken great care in producing vehicles under its agreement with Mazda. Because of the front mounted design, the radiator is generally easier to get to when a swap needs to be made. A person could be dealing with a B2300 2.3L, B2500 2.5L, 3.0L or 4.0L engine when making a change.

The XLT is by far the most common truck fixed up by mechanics and current owners. The trick to correctly swapping a Ranger radiator is to ensure that the support assembly is genuine. This means that a direct fit is guaranteed instead of implied with lesser known name brands found online. Only after a successful installation can a person check the coolant reservoir and temperature sensor in a Ranger pickup truck.

A person who will try to install a replacement radiator should know that support bushings are not usually supplied. These have to be purchased from an automotive parts store. The capacity of the system can be inquired about when shopping around or through the OEM Ford manuals.

Buy Radiator Support Replacements Online

CPL provides one of the only nationwide networks to research used automotive parts for sale in North America. For someone who is experiencing a Ford Ranger radiator leak, diagnosing the problem might not be enough. A pull out of a support system is likely needed due to puncture from a bent or frayed unit. Direct pricing from some of the leading truck junk yards selling Ford parts is what is provided using this website.

Quotes can be reviewed using the system featured on this page. This means that model years 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004 and other years can be matched. Additional parts like a radiator cap and even a used Ranger radiator for sale can be compared for the lowest pricing. A price quote can be delivered by e-mail or by phone through Any person using this resource has no limitations on what parts can be found, priced or ordered at the click of a button.

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