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Used Jeep Speedometer Cluster

The cluster instrument panel used in Jeep SUVs has changed design with almost every passing year. The older systems were controlled by an analog cable that provided basic mileage and fuel gauge numbers. The systems built in the early 1990s were updated to showcase all digital controls. Prices for a used Jeep speedometer cluster can be compared easily using this parts website.

Cost of Instrument Cluster Removal

Not every person is an ASE Chrysler mechanic. Taking the job of removal an entire panel is not an easy one to complete. There are no more parts, fuses and wires used in late model SUVs than any other model years. The Wrangler speedometer cluster is a popular swap that people do make when the needle quits working normally. It is not as easy as replacing a wire anymore when upgrading a panel.

The cost to hire a mechanic and to find a replacement part vary widely in the United States and Canada. Due to the complexity of taking out some parts, it can be a one to three day job. The Wrangler instrument cluster, XJ, CJ and Liberty units seem to give owners of vehicles the most problems. In any case, finding a used instrument cluster for sale is a good option for the average person.

OEM Speedometers VS Aftermarket

It can be tempting to save $50 or so when buying parts through aftermarket resellers. A mistake that people do make when ordering Jeep parts online is not being able to review the component successfully before an order is placed. CPL works only with auto salvage companies and the best dismantling companies. These professionals evaluate and provide 30-point inspections for all preowned SUV parts listed for sale here.

Swapping a Jeep CJ speedometer cluster with a factory built unit will yield the best results. The warehouse of parts is connected to this website by way of a database. Model years such as 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2013 are represented as in stock. These years of production can be the most common to find when ordering parts from secondary market companies.

Find Preowned Jeep Parts Online

The instrument cluster connectors, full panels and related parts that a person needs to change out a unit are easy to find here. All parts have been certified and include a supplier warranty. The MSRP discounts and faster shipment programs help to keep CPL at the top of the list when it comes to a salvage yard search website. To find current inventory, a person can begin by selecting the component and automaker on this website.

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