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The columns that are used for steering wheels are for control as well as safety. Going to a mechanic for an auto repair is an expense you might not be prepared to make. It is possible to perform steering column repair yourself. You can cut out the installer costs. If this is not a reality, we’ll help you to save money when buying your replacement unit. Our website is filled with almost every make and model of steering assemblies for sale. You can browse this inventory right from this page.

The reason that repairs are so expensive is the labor involved. Most labor intensive work requires removal of parts, review and then a fresh install. A steering wheel puller is required to remove a defective assembly. This must be done carefully. We’ll help you get the right column to replace your bad unit. You’re in luck visiting our company. Here you’ll find Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep and some foreign builds. We give you plenty of choices with your repair. We know how frustrating pulling and replacing a unit can be.

Auto Steering Column Repair

If you decide to forgo a mechanic, you can have your unit pulled. The unit that we can sell you is ready for installation. This means that you won’t have wiring problems when you go to replace a column. Each assembly is ready for you to use upon delivery. The type of vehicle that you are installing the assembly into is important. Some automakers frequently change part numbers, bolts and add electronic controls. Reviewing our pricing will help you to lower any steering column assembly install.

Shipping is one of the costs that play into the overall cost. While many dealers don’t give free shipping, we’re one of few making it a reality. What we do is give you a price quote first. You review this information right here online. It will include details for warranties and if we can get you free shipping. We use some simple data to confirm we’re able to do this. Input your make and model information into our quote form. You’ll be one step closer to completing your steering column repair work. We’ll handle the shipping and fulfillment to you.

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