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Transfer Case for K5 Blazer

The K5 Blazer used more than one transfer case during its more than 30 years of production at General Motors. First built in the 1969 year, the K series was known for its smaller wheel base. The wagon type or box type bodies that were showcased throughout the 1970s and 1980s featured different transmissions. For someone who will replace a transfer case for a K5 Blazer, choosing the right model for a good price is possible here.

Types of Blazer Case Assemblies

For a short period of time, GM depended on the Dana 20 cases that were also used in Jeep vehicles to support the TH350 transmissions. The gear drive system was changed over to a chain drive to offer an easier fix to SUV owners if a problem happened. The NP203 was used in the Blazer for a six-year period until the year 1979. These are still available in preowned condition in the USA.

The New Process 205 and 208 are often requested by people who still own and maintain a K5 Chevrolet Blazer. These were the part-time chain driven assemblies that were common with the 700R4 gearboxes. The difference between the two models was the shift of the fly mechanism built into the NP208 during the 1980s.

The NP241 was the final installation for the K series sport utility vehicles. Some people even call this assembly one of the best transfer cases for the K5 Blazer. Due to the ease of swapping this unit, it remains asked for quite often in the secondary auto parts industry.

CUCV and OEM K5 Case Assemblies

Some military vehicles were built by General Motors for use during special operations and regular combat training sessions. These CUCV versions were variants of the domestic K5 Blazers. The engines and the transfer cases inside were identical making it an easy process for any person who owns these models to find replacement drivetrain parts for sale.

One issue that might arise for a person who researches preowned components using more than one resource is that information can be misleading. Some companies do not test New Process cases with fluid already in them. Other companies complete a case drop and add fresh fluid to make sure that gears work as intended. Full testing has been conducting by CPL partners selling parts on this website.

Prices for Chevy Blazer 4×4 Parts

The intelligent system on this portal is linked nationally by a secure computer system. This interchange allows distributors to enter the correct price structures and the freight terms to educate consumers. Instead of using a local auto parts store, people around the country use this website to explore and to buy certified used automobile parts online.

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