Transfer cases are used on all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles. They work with the transmission and make the connection, with drive shafts, to the front and rear axles. The power from the transmission is distributed to the axles through the case. The case controls the two or four-wheel drive modes and these can be selected by the driver with a shifter or electronic switch. All-wheel drive vehicles do not always allow driver selection.

Cases may be gear or chain driven; most new models use chain drive. Transfer cases can vary for the type of vehicle, with on-road or off-road features. They are useful in off-road applications when one axle is stuck in the mud or on a slippery surface. In this case, the power will be transferred to the axle with traction ability. Independent transfer cases, which are connected to the transmission at the output shaft, are normally found on commercial or heavy-duty vehicles with long wheelbases. Most cars and trucks use a case directly mounted to the transmission.

Transfer Case Problems

Transfer cases do require servicing and a lack of fluid can cause a major failure. The fluid should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. In some situations, problems can occur if the chain stretches. Thumping and grinding noises can be an indication or low or poor lubrication. Difficulties in shifting may indicate a linkage problem. Shifting links may become bent or loose over time.

Seals are used in transfer cases and the connections. Over time, these seals can wear out and develop leaks. If you notice any leaks, do get the problem fixed as quickly as possible to avoid serious damage to the case.

Purchase a Used Transfer Case

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