Used 4R100 Transmission

Trying to find a 4R100 automatic transmission used in Ford vehicles is a little hard. Prices are all over the place on most websites. Even though the part was built in 1999, it is pretty rare to find a company with a large overstock of components. has a used 4R100 transmission in its inventory here. Get your price now.

You can lose fluid inside of the 4R series if you are not careful. If you are swapping because of a leak, make sure you add Mercon V or a compatible fluid to the case. This is the recommended oil that will keep the gears wet and ready to spin. As one of the best replacements for the E4OD, the ever-popular 4R100 works with gas and diesel engines.

A PTO or (power takeoff) clutch is the main difference in the new four-speed versions. The controls do include electronic sensors. Even when these are checked, something else could be causing an issue. A lot of what someone finds on the salvage market can contain errors that are only noticed after an assembly is dropped in.

CPL can help you locate a low mileage 4R100 Ford automatic transmission. Since we have partners that own junk yards, the very first pick is given to us. Nothing that is retailed here is laying around in a dirty lot. A weather-controlled warehouse is where all preowned parts and accessories for Ford Motor Company vehicles are stored.

What is the best price for the 4R100 online? Several hundred dollars of the actual retail price is what someone can expect to pay here. Since what is retailed is not new, the savings are passed on to all consumers. The cost to rebuild a unit is just too high for some people to pay. We keep the products in used condition to lower the MSRP.
Prices Quotes for 4R100 Gearboxes

Use as your source to buy Ford drivetrain products. All of the parts that you can research do include a warranty. Nothing you will find on the web will discourage you from using our website. You do not have to pay any money to take advantage of our free price quote distribution. When a SKU match is made, then a price is routed to your e-mail or shown on this page.

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