Used 4R44E Transmission

How much should you pay for a used 4R44E transmission by Ford? Find out here. CPL is a nationwide provider of gearbox components and engines for motor vehicles. We have hundreds of thousands of supply partners where we acquire what is listed. Some people do pay way too much for a preowned assembly elsewhere. Here you can buy a used 4R44E transmission with a full discount.

The standard four-speed has been utilized in vehicle production at Ford for decades. What started as a testing ground in 1995, led to a six-year development of the 4R44E series. Only rear-wheel drive vehicles could hold this assembly due to the internal gearing.

Where to Install the 4R44E

The light-duty trucks as well as the full-size SUV are representations of vehicles that used the four-gear 4R series. The first installation took place in the Ranger trucks. When people appreciated the ease of shifting, Ford understood that the 440 torque required would work well in the Explorer.

CPL has confirmed that the replacement 4R44E gearboxes we have will fit the following vehicles:


The termination during the 2001 production year of the automatic four-speed was not in vain. Ford moved on to producing five-speed and six-speed equipped vehicles. Thanks in part to secondary sources like scrap yards, is able to help you find the best prices and inventory numbers for Ford transmissions for sale.

Parts Warranty Included

What you can order here comes with a parts warranty. 100 percent of what we say is true when it comes to condition and mileage on the housing. We have verified that the internal parts still work and there are no defects. Through the warranty we showcase, consumers can learn about what is covered and maybe what is not.

Buy Ford 4R44E Transmissions

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You can get your sticker price through a quote procedure. You can do this on the Internet or just call us over the phone. We support both methods and want to beat competitor pricing for you. Get in touch with us right now. You could be saving hundreds of dollars buying a preowned gearbox.

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