Used AC Compressor for Sale

All modern vehicles are equipped with special A/C or AC components that each play a role in the heating and cooling system. One of the most common parts, and one that can fail the most, is the the compressor unit. Searching the web for a used AC compressor for sale can bring up a lot of hard to understand parts information.

Car AC Compressor Defined

A compressor is used in all heating and cooling systems to provide the build-up of cool air that will be dispersed throughout air ducts. The compressor works behind a clutch that is used to turn on or off the unit to help produce cold air. It is not until the unit malfunctions that the average person begins searching for a way to fix an AC car compressor.

Lifespan of a Vehicle A/C Compressor

Unlike a vehicle engine or a set of tires, there is no lifespan that is attached to a standard compression unit. The part is just a small component of a cooling system and is readily available through some junkyards, retailers and Internet retailers. No one can predict just how long a compressor unit will last after one has been installed professionally or through DIY efforts.

How to Replace a Bad AC Compressor

There are ways to determine if a unit is bad and not working property. The first notification is if hot air comes out of the AC unit when turned on. The second way to tell if a unit is working poorly is that it can be locked up and not rotating like a normal unit should. To successfully remove a bad compressor, the refrigerant fluid should be drained out of the unit using a recovery tank.

The fan belt must be removed correctly because it is connected to the cooling unit. There are several screws that are on the top of the compression unit that must be removed. When the final screw is removed, a towel can be inserted into the unit to block off the portion where the hose used to be attached. The new compressor should be filled with coolant to the appropriate level.

Average Price for a Used AC Compressor

Prices will always vary between retailers and some people prefer to purchase used units. These are more cost effective compared with buying one new from an auto parts retailer or car dealership. The search tool on this page automatically finds the lowest prices available for components that are ready to ship nationally to consumers.

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