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Buy Used & Remanufactured 2017 Chevy Corvette Engines For Sale

Looking for a powerful upgrade or a replacement for your 2017 Chevy Corvette engine? You’ve come to the right place. At, we specialize in providing top-notch used and remanufactured engines that meet or exceed original performance standards. Our selection is unbeatable, and our prices are designed to keep your restoration or repair project within budget.

We understand the importance of reliability and performance, especially when it comes to a vehicle as iconic as the Chevy Corvette. That’s why we meticulously test and verify every engine in our inventory to ensure it delivers the exceptional performance you expect. With our engines, you’re not just buying power; you’re investing in peace of mind.

Benefits of Choosing a Used Engine

When it comes to enhancing the performance and lifespan of your 2017 Chevy Corvette without breaking the bank, opting for a used engine might be the smartest move you can make. Here at Car Parts Locator, we understand the importance of cost efficiency, especially when dealing with high-quality vehicle parts. That’s why we’ve gathered some key benefits of choosing a used engine for your Corvette that go beyond just saving money.

Economical and Cost-Effective

First and foremost, the price advantage of used engines is undeniable. A used engine can cost significantly less than a brand-new unit, allowing you to allocate funds to other essential maintenance or performance upgrades. It’s the perfect solution for those who demand quality but are mindful of their budget.

Proven Performance

Another compelling reason to opt for a used engine is the proven track record of reliability and performance. Since these engines have been in actual road conditions, their durability is not merely theoretical. Our rigorous testing process ensures that each used engine we offer matches or surpasses original performance specifications, offering you peace of mind along with unmatched value.

Environmental Benefits

Choosing a used engine is not only good for your wallet but also benefits the environment. By repurposing existing automotive parts, we reduce the need for new materials and energy required for manufacturing, contributing to a more sustainable future. It’s a decision that makes sense, both economically and ecologically.

Assurance of Quality

At Car Parts Locator, every used engine we provide undergoes meticulous testing and inspection to guarantee that it meets our strict quality standards. We’re committed to offering engines that not only have a proven track record of performance but also come with the reliability that our customers deserve. It’s our way of ensuring that your 2017 Chevy Corvette returns to the road with the same vigor it had when it was new, without the high costs typically associated with such a revival.

For anyone looking to revitalize their 2017 Chevy Corvette, remember that Car Parts Locator is here to help. We invite you to use our free quote form or call our toll-free number to find out more about our selection of used and remanufactured engines. Our team is ready to assist you in making an informed decision that aligns with your needs, preferences, and budget.

Advantages of Opting for a Remanufactured Engine

When it comes to keeping your 2017 Chevy Corvette running smoothly and efficiently, choosing a remanufactured engine from Car Parts Locator can offer a wealth of benefits. Not only are these engines an economical alternative to buying new, but they also deliver on performance and reliability, ensuring you get the most out of your vehicle.

Remanufactured engines have undergone a rigorous process of being completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and rebuilt with new parts as needed. This means any component showing signs of wear and tear is replaced, ensuring the engine you receive is in top condition. Here are just a few reasons why a remanufactured engine is a smart choice:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Typically, opting for a remanufactured engine can save you up to 50% compared to the cost of a new engine. This significant saving doesn’t compromise quality but rather extends the life of your Corvette without breaking the bank.
  • Quality Assurance: At Car Parts Locator, all our remanufactured engines undergo thorough testing and inspection. We ensure they meet or exceed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. This means you’re getting an engine that’s just as good, if not better, than the original.
  • Environmental Benefits: Choosing a remanufactured engine is a green choice. By recycling engine components, we reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact. It’s a step towards a more sustainable future while keeping your Corvette performing optimally.
  • Warranty Protection: We stand behind the quality of our remanufactured engines with a comprehensive warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing you’re backed by support if any issues arise.

At Car Parts Locator, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality, reliable remanufactured engines. We know how important it is for you to maintain your Corvette’s performance without spending a fortune. Our expert team is here to help guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the perfect engine to meet your needs and budget. For a free quote on a remanufactured 2017 Chevy Corvette engine, use our online form or call our toll-free number today.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

When looking for Used & Remanufactured 2017 Chevy Corvette Engines For Sale, there are several key factors to keep in mind. Finding the right engine for your vehicle isn’t just about price; it’s about ensuring quality, compatibility, and longevity. At Car Parts Locator, we understand the importance of these factors and are here to help guide you through the selection process.

Quality and Warranty

First and foremost, the quality of the engine is paramount. With remanufactured engines, it’s crucial to ensure that they meet or exceed OEM standards. We pride ourselves on offering engines that have undergone a rigorous process of disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and rebuilding with high-quality parts. Moreover, a solid warranty indicates confidence in product quality. All our remanufactured engines come with warranties to give you peace of mind.


Ensuring the engine is compatible with your 2017 Chevy Corvette is another critical consideration. The last thing you want is to invest in an engine that doesn’t fit or function properly within your vehicle. We assist by verifying compatibility based on your vehicle’s details, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance.

Environmental Impact

Choosing a remanufactured engine is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. This option reduces waste and energy used in manufacturing new parts. For those conscious of their environmental impact, this is an excellent way to contribute to sustainability efforts.

Remember, our team at Car Parts Locator is always ready to assist. Whether you prefer to fill out our free quote form or give us a call on our toll-free number, we’re here to make sure you find the perfect engine for your Corvette. Our goal is to ensure that each visitor to our site leaves satisfied, knowing they’ve made an informed decision that fits their needs and budget.

Top Considerations for Installation

When we dive into finding the perfect used or remanufactured 2017 Chevy Corvette engine, it’s crucial to not only focus on securing the best deal but also to ensure we’re fully prepared for the installation process. Our team at Car Parts Locator emphasizes the importance of several key factors that can make or break your installation experience.

Compatibility Checks

First and foremost, compatibility is king. It’s not enough to find a great engine; it needs to fit seamlessly into your Chevy Corvette without unnecessary modifications. Ensure the engine you choose is compatible with your vehicle’s model year and specifications. We’re here to help guide you through this process with our free quote form or toll-free number. Just reach out, and we’ll assist you in finding an engine that matches your Corvette perfectly.

Professional Installation

Given the complexity of modern engines, professional installation is often recommended. Engaging with a skilled mechanic or a certified Chevy dealer can save you time and prevent potential issues down the line. These professionals have the tools and expertise necessary to ensure your engine is installed correctly and functioning at its best. We can recommend reputable professionals who specialize in Corvette engines, ensuring your car is in good hands.

Warranty Protection

Another critical consideration is the warranty. When purchasing a used or remanufactured engine, the warranty offers peace of mind and protection against unforeseen issues. At Car Parts Locator, all our engines come with a warranty, ensuring you’re covered. Before installation, verify the warranty details to understand what’s included, ensuring any potential issues are addressed without additional costs.

Prepare for Possible Adjustments

Lastly, while we strive for a perfect fit, sometimes minor adjustments are necessary during installation. These might include updating software or minor tweaks to ancillary components. Being prepared for these adjustments means ensuring you or your chosen professional have access to the necessary resources and information.

Remember, we’re here every step of the way. Use our free quote tool or call us directly to start your search for the ideal 2017 Chevy Corvette engine. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring you find exactly what you need, at the best price, with the smoothest installation journey possible.

Ensuring Longevity and Performance

When it comes to finding used & remanufactured 2017 Chevy Corvette engines, ensuring longevity and performance is crucial. At Car Parts Locator, we understand that our clients, who are spread across the United States, are looking for exceptional value without compromising on quality. That’s exactly what we aim to deliver.

Choosing a replacement engine from our inventory means securing a component that’s not only priced competitively but also one that has undergone thorough checks and balances to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards. We believe that everyone deserves access to parts that will not only fit their budget but also extend the lifespan of their beloved vehicles.

Quality Checks Are Paramount

Before any engine makes it onto our list, it undergoes a series of rigorous tests and inspections. This is to guarantee that every component, from the smallest bolt to the most crucial part, functions as expected. Our quality control process includes:

  • Visual Inspections: To catch any potential exterior damage or wear.
  • Performance Testing: Ensuring that engines deliver the expected power and efficiency.
  • Compatibility Checks: Confirming that the engine will seamlessly integrate with your Chevy Corvette.

Get Your Free Quote Today

Don’t let the search for the perfect engine be a daunting task. Use our free quote form or call our toll-free number to quickly find out how we can meet your needs. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized service, guiding you every step of the way. Whether you’re fixing up an old favorite or restoring a project car, we’re here to ensure that performance and longevity are never compromised.


We’ve taken you through the journey of choosing the best-used or remanufactured 2017 Chevy Corvette engine with Car Parts Locator. It’s clear that ensuring your vehicle’s longevity and peak performance doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With our rigorous quality checks and personalized assistance, we’re here to make sure you find the perfect match for your car. Remember, it’s not just about getting any engine; it’s about securing the right engine that promises reliability and efficiency for years to come. Let us help you keep your Corvette running like new. Reach out today for your free quote and take the first step towards revitalizing your ride.

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