Window Regulators

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Since the introduction of “closed” cars in the Twenties, various types of window regulator have become established on the market. KÜSTER develops and produces all current standard versions to order, focussing primarily on cable-operated window regulator technology, which was launched on the European market by KÜSTER back in the Seventies.

Our range in this segment currently comprises single- and double-rail drum and cable window regulators, continuous-path regulators and – our latest innovation – the KÜSTER compact window regulator. In turn, all Küster window regulator systems are available as manual, electrically or electronically powered and controlled variants and, depending on customer requirements, either with or without anti-trap systems.

A recent example how KÜSTER uses its innovative strength to refine even a well-established system like the cable-operated window regulator is the KÜSTER compact window regulator (see below) that is available either as a stand alone with a solid-pressed basis plate or as a constructed module model.

Furthermore, we are continuously optimising our drum and cable window regulator technology in an economical as well as in a technological way, for example by standardisation , modularisation and modular systems.

KÜSTER compact window regulator – Compact and powerful

In the Nineties, the benefits of the cable-operated window regulator superseded other systems; now, KÜSTER launches its future generation of window regulators.

The KÜSTER compact window regulator skillfully combines the economical and technical advantages of today’s leading systems, the single- and double-rail drum and cable window regulator, and is suitable for both conventional and modular door concepts.

The demands of automotive customers for enhanced user-friendliness, coupled with the growing requirements placed by OEMs on system suppliers such as ourselves, prompted us to combine and extend the benefits of tried-and-trusted systems.

The fundamental criteria applied to window regulators today are undoubtedly true for all the systems used. However, the KÜSTER compact window regulator meets these requirements in a way which clearly sets it apart from conventional window regulators in its field.

These are just a few examples of the many criteria imposed:

  • Operational safety
  • Assembly-friendliness
  • Packaging space-efficiency
  • Operational reliability
  • Weight optimisation
  • Output efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness

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