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Severe weather events throughout the U.S. and Canada contribute to motor vehicle damage annually. Owners of automobiles have few options left when vehicles are damaged by acts of God. Sudden flood damage to cars is one of the issues that owners of cars face that is hard to correct. Buying parts from flood damaged cars is a new option to reduce retail auto parts pricing.

There are auctions that purchasers of parts attend in hopes of buying a complete car or parts for a car across the U.S. These are setup to provide a way to research second hand components. Buyers who buy damaged cars for sale can benefit from research prior to attending an auction. There are sellers that do and do not provide inventory to flood damaged car auctions.

Types of Flood and Water Damage to Cars

The exterior of a vehicle is not the only section that can be damaged in floods. A portion of the damage can apply to the interior of each vehicle. Plain water is one of the biggest contributors to mold growth in humid areas of the country. Water that is soaked into automobile carpeting, seat covers and floorboards can cause extensive damage if not removed in time.

The worst water damage often comes from the following:

  1. Salt Water
  2. Rust
  3. Mineral Deposits
  4. Debris
  5. Electrical Corrosion
  6. Mud or Dirt

Dealerships can purchase insurance company cars that are considered totaled or salvaged in the U.S. These can can often legally be resold to the public although savvy buyers who know how to evaluate a car can pinpoint quality. It is safe to buy water damaged car components using some simple guidelines.

How to Buy Car Parts from Water Damaged Vehicles

Not every resource sells components that are damaged in floods or in natural disasters. Electronic controls like computers and sensors in vehicles can be salvaged if water has not penetrated high enough into the vehicle. Some flood waters merely reposition cars and never enter the vehicle interior. Side windows are one of the most popular salvage components in water damaged motor vehicles. These can be purchased as well as the motors controlling electric windows.

Engines and transmissions from flood damaged cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles should be inspected by reputable dealers. Water can easily enter into cylinders of any size engine causing major damage that is very hard to correct. Gearboxes that have not been penetrated with sediment or minerals can often be cleaned and installed into a used vehicle without issues. It is best to purchase parts from a retailer that specializes in flood salvaged vehicle components for sale.

Prices for Domestic or Foreign Auto Parts from Flooded Vehicles

Choosing a dealer means spending time evaluating the price versus long-term value of each selected component. Because auto parts from hail damaged automobiles are already used, the condition and pricing will always vary between companies. There are thousands of salvage companies throughout North America specializing in automotive parts sales. It is helpful to ask upfront what the pricing is for a standard component or one that is pulled from a flood damaged automobile. There will likely be differences in price.

Domestic parts can sometimes be cheaper than foreign parts due to lack of support for import parts in some cases. A good way to learn average pricing for preowned parts for sale is to search more than one retailer at a time. The retail price plus the cost of shipping is not always made public. Asking in advance if discounts are provided for second hand parts removed from salvage automobiles can often reward consumers with cheap pricing offline and online.

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