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Day: May 15, 2014

Americans Now Using Cars Less Each Year

The rising costs of living in some parts of the United States are often attributed to the reduction of using motor vehicles. Recent reports have brought to light new concerns that are causing Americans to use vehicles less each year. The economic downturn in some parts of the country is

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Flood Damaged Cars

Severe weather events throughout the U.S. and Canada contribute to motor vehicle damage annually. Owners of automobiles have few options left when vehicles are damaged by acts of God. Sudden flood damage to cars is one of the issues that owners of cars face that is hard to correct. Buying

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Are Water Water Damaged Cars a Bad Buy?

Heavy downpours, flash floods or other unforeseen acts of nature happen annually and affect car owners. The requirement of auto insurance in all 50 states is meant to protect owners of vehicles from sudden disasters or accidents. The outcome of severe weather patterns has created new problems for car owners

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Why Are Car Sales Decreasing Nationwide?

Despite lower than normal interest rates for loans, many dealerships have reported lower numbers of car sales over a two-year period. The strong sales from 2010 to 2012 are now over in the U.S. market. The holdback in sales by consumers could be attributed to the price increases for base

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