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Steering Column Repair Cost

Costs always vary but dealerships always charge more. When you need repair, it’s best to get more than one quote. You can use your local auto body shop to find the going rate. The type of vehicle you have is important. Not all columns are built the same way. Some are harder to get to than others. Your steering column repair cost can be lowered though. It’s always good to replace an older unit. We can sell one near our wholesale cost to you right now.

Mechanics have invested into buying tools for the job. A steering column puller is generally required. These are very expensive tools. This is part of the reason for high labor costs. What we do is cut out these high costs for you. We’re able to sell complete column replacements cheap. Most mechanics make money on parts and labor. You can cut out the labor costs and still get a new part here. Let us earn your business.

Steering Column Replacement Cost

The parts found here are in different conditions. These range from new to used. Your auto repair budget will help you decide what type you need. It’s important to know the costs before attempting any repair job. The steering mechanism includes wiring, locks and other essentials for your vehicle. A person who does not know the proper removal or install procedures could damage the assembly. You can lower steering column replacement costs by following this guide.

Regardless if you’ll be doing your own installation, your steering wheel column should be genuine. There are some aftermarket parts that won’t fit your vehicle. It’s easier when you’re buying from a direct source. Most auto parts warehouse supply stores won’t have what you need. Our parts locator tool here online will help you. Choose the year and the make of the vehicle you have. You’re presented with our current sale pricing. Lower your steering wheel replacement cost by using our resource right now.

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