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Day: July 19, 2013

Steering Columns

Automakers use more than one steering parts company to build columns for sale. These units are produced and installed during the production phase. When buying steering columns, you should know the different types available. A universal or tilt style are the most common. You can get an immediate price for

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Steering Column Repair Cost

Costs always vary but dealerships always charge more. When you need repair, it’s best to get more than one quote. You can use your local auto body shop to find the going rate. The type of vehicle you have is important. Not all columns are built the same way. Some

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Aftermarket Steering Column

All makes and models of vehicles require steering columns. These units do more than make it easy to turn. The entire control of the vehicle depends on the quality of the bearing used. It’s hard to find used bearings that work like OEM units. Your next bet is finding an

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