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Automakers use more than one steering parts company to build columns for sale. These units are produced and installed during the production phase. When buying steering columns, you should know the different types available. A universal or tilt style are the most common. You can get an immediate price for these online right here. Use the tool we provide on this page. Don’t waste time online. You’re here trying to find a replacement. You can choose between new, aftermarket, used or rebuilt.

A universal column means that these are standard units. Most passenger cars, sedans and entry-level trucks use these types. There are no special features with these assemblies. The wiring harness that is used is generally installed with no errors. The tilt editions allow more movement. Both mechanical and electronic controls are found in tilted column assemblies. The type you’re trying to find online is likely these styles. You won’t need part numbers to get a quote in price here.

Steering Columns for Sale

The location of the shifter is important to know. When buying a column, you need to know where this is located. For older vehicles, shifters are found on the column. These provide access usually for three-gear shifting. Many trucks and SUVs use an assembly known as a floor shifter. These are located on the end of the shaft. These sink into the floor board of a vehicle. Knowing the steering wheel column type you need will get you a fast price quote. If you’re installing a unit yourself, keeping repair costs to a minimum is essential. We’ll help you.

When you’ve determined the type you want, we’ll help you with a low price. Enter your column make and year into our search tool. What happens next happens fast. Our system makes a complete search. This includes our inventory and partner inventory. What is given to you is the absolute lowest sticker price possible. Each steering columns quote is unique and there are no limitations. You’re free to submit as many as you need. Get started reviewing our unique low pricing.

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