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Category: Jeep

Used Jeep Speedometer Cluster

The cluster instrument panel used in Jeep SUVs has changed design with almost every passing year. The older systems were controlled by an analog cable that provided basic mileage and fuel gauge numbers. The systems built in the early 1990s were updated to showcase all digital controls. Prices for a

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XJ Steering Knuckle Used Parts

The steering knuckle systems used in XJ Jeep vehicles are unique to Chrysler manufacturing. While first mass produced under the AMC brand, many of the front left and front right wheel systems do not have interchangeable parts. This is the reason that some people buy high steer knuckle kits from

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Cylinder Head for 4.0 Jeep XJ SUVs

Most cylinder heads used in XJ Jeep SUVs were manufactured between 1984 and 2001. While millions of vehicles were sold, there are issues that can be common from model to model. The Chrysler and AMC Jeep editions used many of the same components. A person can still find a used

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Jeep Liberty Rear Drive Shaft Used in Stock

The drive shaft in the rear of a Jeep Liberty vehicle is not so easy to change. Some people who own 4×4 vehicles think that all components are alike. Chrysler uses more than one outsourcing company to create its internal drive train components. For a skilled person, replacing a Jeep

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